The  L.A.B has finally arrived!

Explore how this experiential e-course+ coaching + membership site combine together to become 

your ultimate guide to aligning with the life of your dreams.

Introducing The L.A.B

Life Alignment Basics: The Ultimate Guide to Aligning with the Life of Your Dreams


This is for you if:


YOU ARE READY to release the self-sabotaging habits or beliefs that have been holding you back from what you really want and deserve.


YOU ARE READY to be free from what seems like an endless stream of bad relationships, bad bosses, bad choices and bad luck.


YOU ARE READY to get down off the fence (it is uncomfortable up there, especially if you are juggling) and pick a side (the greener, brighter side I hope).


YOU ARE READY to live a dynamic, joyous and fulfilled life.


YOU ARE READY to build your dream business, write a book, run for office, leave a relationship, pay off debt, buy your dream home, become a fulltime mother, find your soulmate or any other BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL DREAM your heart desires.


YOU ARE READY to answer the call of your heart, follow your intuition and step out on faith.


YOU ARE READY for passion, purpose and infinite possibility!


YOU know you deserve better, more and it all!


If this is you, you are ready. Let us proceed.


Some of the things you will discover in the lab include:


  • Who we REALLY are as Co-Creators of our reality

  • What your core beliefs & desires are

  • How to clarify your PURPOSE, define your message, and find your voice to show up and shine in your career and community

  • How to align with anything you wish to create in your life.

  • How to decide and let the rest unfold, with ease & grace.

  • Daily abundance practices to increase your money flow

  • Changing your thoughts to change your reality! 

  • How to create your personal VIVID VISION for guaranteed success

  • How to activate and harness the energy that is the Universe in your favour (it always responds to your requests)

  • How to recognize and follow your intuition

  • Perception, possibility and probability

  • How to remove blocks, fears & limiting beliefs

  • How to manage your State of Being and your Emotional Signature and why this skill is essential to fulfilling your greatest desires

  • What it takes for YOU to align with your personal desires

  • How to recognize when you are out of alignment and how to quickly re-align and get back on track

  • Silence and the 'All That Is' state of being

  • How to stay in alignment longer and more consistently so that your dominant state of being is in ALIGNMENT 

  • The Art of Allowing, Alchemy and Receiving

I'm so excited about this creative way to easily apply the principles of living a phenomenal life!

Don't miss out on being part of this life-changing experience. Secure your membership into the L.A.B.!


Get in on it! 


in the meant time!


I encourage you to practice your ABC’s:

Ask powerful questions. Ask for what you desire. Act as if it is done.


Be open to receive unexpected answers. Be the person who is the one with her dreams fulfilled.


Courageously, step out of your Comfort zone so YOU CAN expand and Consciously Create something new for your life.


Seize the moment, now and constantly/consistently/confidently and with undeniable certainty, see your vision in your minds third eye. Practice Stillness so that in the

Silence you clearly hear your highest wisdom. And Smile knowing that you are Safe & Secure.


I have incorporated over 20 years of research



and life experience to share with you what I know for certain.


What I know for certain is,

you are exactly where you need to be.

It is easier than you think.

You are safe and I have got your back.